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"We hired Brad knowing he would produce a great product. We had already watched him in action and viewed other videos. However, he absolutely exceeded every expectation and grand vision we had for our video! Brad is easy to work with, a consummate professional, immensely talented, and deeply passionate about his work...


...We cannot stop hitting play again and again, each time experiencing our wedding day in a profound way. Don't miss out on this wonderful family treasure for your wedding. Of all the elements to planning your wedding, Brad should be at the top of your list of "must haves."


>> Sarah T.

"It’s hard to pick favorites because we loved almost all of our wonderful vendors, but we have to admit: ThisDayFWD was the only one we wouldn’t have traded for anything in the world. My husband and I weren’t even sure if we wanted a videographer for our wedding day, especially since we were very budget-conscious throughout the planning process. But upon seeing Brad’s portfolio, we were instantly convinced we just had to have a videographer and that it absolutely had to be Brad. His ability to artfully capture emotion, mixed with his fun style and modern approach to wedding videography made ThisDayFWD a perfect fit for us. You only need to watch one of Brad’s weddeos to see his immense talent, distinctive eye and amazing ability to draw viewers into each couple’s individual story…


 …The end result was phenomenal. Our weddeo is like a mini-movie, showcasing the most fun and touching parts of the day. And in addition to it being so easy and efficient to share, watching it not only reminds us of the details from our wedding day but carries us back into to the emotion of it all like it was yesterday. We’ve been told by several that our weddeo is the best they’ve ever seen and we agree!


…Brad truly exceeded our expectations and we cannot sing his praises enough! ThisDayFWD is the way to go - you won't regret it!"


>> Christie R.

"A friend showed me this website and some videos and I knew right away I had to book him. It was the first part of the wedding that was official...even before we booked a venue! Brad and his wife were amazing to work with. They walked me through the process and made sure my ideas were incorporated. They made me feel so comfortable and were available for questions at any time. They are so wonderful! I will have this video forever to show my children and family and friends. He captured every moment perfectly, and I am so so grateful. I recommend him for anyone getting married, you will not regret using him. He has a true talent and passion for this."

>> Nicole A.

Where to even start?! I had previously seen videos done by Brad and ThisDayFwd and booked him as soon as we secured a venue for our wedding. My fiancé and I decided to add an engagement video to our overall wedding package and I honestly couldn't be happier with our decision. Brad was nothing but professional and courteous with each and every interaction we had...


...I had no doubts we would have an amazing video, and amazing turned out to be an understatement. The video captures my fiancé and I perfectly and we loved being able to share the moments with family and friends. I cannot wait for our eventual wedding video!"


>> Brittany S.

"I’ve known Brad for years and have enjoyed watching and re-watching his work before (he filmed a close friend’s wedding last year), so there was no doubt we wanted ThisDayFWD to film our wedding. He truly exceeded our high expectations! He was easy to book with and we did some great brainstorming together beforehand on music selection.


His rates were more than reasonable for the high quality of his work. He captured so many details and special moments on our wedding day, yet was very low profile and flexible in his actual shooting style. He recorded and preserved for us so many of the wedding elements that we put a lot of thought and heart into planning, and at the same time was able to capture many incredible shots of our guests that we missed on the actual wedding day.


He put an incredible amount of thought and precision into his editing – my OCD nature really appreciated his attention to detail in everything from fades and transitions to the music editing. He really is a visual story teller and puts together such a beautiful, fun, modern take on the wedding video that we just can’t stop watching it and sharing it. It’s a priceless keepsake and something we will always treasure."

>> Megan M.

It goes without saying that Brad is professional, easy to work with, and unobtrusive in his filming. His creative talents shine through in his work, which is thoughtfully edited and set to music. He was artfully able to distill the most important moments of our ceremony, while still capturing the small details that we had spent so much time planning. 


As opposed to a lengthy wedding video, our weddeo is short, shareable, and something that I can see watching many times as we celebrate future anniversaries and share memories with our children. It is beautifully filmed and captures the intimate feeling we envisioned for our wedding day. Thank you so much, Brad, for creating such a beautiful time capsule of this amazing moment in our lives."


>> Lauren H.

"...He recorded and preserved for us so many of the wedding elements that we put a lot of thought and heart into planning."

"I am so excited to be able to write a raving review for ThisDayFwd! They were such a pleasure to work with from start to finish…


On the day of our wedding, we barely knew they were there! Watching our weddeo, my mom asked, "Was the videographer really there for that part?? I don't remember him being there!" He was able to capture everything that was important to us on our special day, and put such a creative, personal touch on it that totally fit our style…


…Some feedback we received from sharing our weddeo included, "This is the best wedding video I've ever seen!" and "He really captured the moment and recreated such a special day." I would use ThisDayFwd again in a heart beat, and recommend them to anyone and everyone! They truly helped make our special day even more special, and captured the most amazing memories!"

>> Katie M.

"Seriously the best. We didn't decide to get a videographer until very last minute because I couldn't find any with the style we liked and the price we liked. We were absolutely blown away with Brad's talent! While getting ready, the ceremony and reception, we never even noticed him, but he got the best footage, and it was so awesome to watch (and re-watch 10,000 times). I cannot recommend him enough!”


>> Rachel S.

"...I had no doubts we would have an amazing video, and amazing turned out to be an understatement."

Brittany S.

...I am just so humbled by your talent, and the way you captured us so perfectly. You seriously nailed it."

Jenn B. (soon to be K!)

Sarah T.

"...Brad and Caitlin were a superb team, capturing shots from the day that we didn't have a chance to see because we were caught up in all the "other" details of the day. We feel extremely fortunate to always have these memories to share with our family and friends. The music that Brad incorporated into our video reflected how we felt throughout the day and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful experience!"


>> Ashley M.

"My husband and I have used ThisDayFWD for both engagement and wedding videos and seriously could not be happier with our decision. Brad and Caitlin are both amazing, even working with us through the rain two different days! Their hard and diligent work shows in each and every video. Our families have been amazed and can't wait to see more!"



>> Brittany S.

This is hands down the most cherished, surprising and special wedding gift we received.

Lisa E.

"Brad and Caitlin are amazing! We loved having a videographer at our wedding because I was able to share our special day with my grandparents who were not able to travel for health reasons. They were able to experience the day through our video and we also have a memory that we can watch every anniversary! They did an amazing job with my wedding video. Each memory was perfectly captured and they were so flexible with me! I added on speeches and toast after the wedding and they were able to accommodate my request. They are highly talented and they make the best videos. I highly recommend them!"

>> Andrea R.

>> Andrea R.

Seriously the best

Rachel S.

They are so wonderful!

Nicole A.

"We cannot stop hitting play again and again, each time experiencing our wedding day in a profound way."


Megan M.

" Not only are you a genius with the camera; you're also a friendly and engaging professional to work with."


Jenn E.

Rachel S. 

"I cannot recommend him enough!"



Words can't even begin to express how thankful we are and how great of a job you guys did! It made us cry and laugh and helped us relive our beautiful day!

Stephanie B.

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