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 frequently asked questions  

Why are some services priced a la carte?

Choices! The same reason you decided where you wanted to get married, the date you wanted to get married, what dress, colors, and food you wanted. You spend so much time planning and customizing all the details, shouldn’t you also be able to decide what you want to be documented? For added convenience and value, we have several packages we've put together based on the most popular choices.​



how do you determine pricing?

Some companies like to charge a flat rate per hour for shooting, and then a separate rate for editing. They’ll then over-complicate the process by asking you “how professional” you'd like the edit to be, and oftentimes, you need to pay extra to achieve a high-quality feel. Wouldn’t you want it to be as professional as possible without having to pay extra? My prices are based on the type of event and ALWAYS include a complete, professional edit. 

how long will my video be?

The average weddeo is about 9 to 12 minutes long. At first, most people think they want a full-feature film of their entire wedding, when in actuality, they really want the best footage and various highlights from throughout the day. Some companies will advertise a longer video time length and charge more for it - they usually do this in order to make it easier on themselves during the editing process. It’s easier to just let the footage roll than to compress moments into an artistic package (sorry, no 40-minute continuous shot of the Electric Slide and Chicken Dance here...). That's the main feature and benefit of a "weddeo," which allows you to share as many wedding moments as possible in an easy-to-view and share video.  


can i choose my own music?

Absolutely! We encourage our couples to share a few songs that are special to them. This allows us to incorporate music that means something to you, and also lets us get a feel for the "vibe" you're going for with your weddeo. We've incorporated everything from instrumental, to jazz, to 80s power ballads. You can choose all the songs, have us choose a few for you, or ask us to choose them all! We listen to lots of new, fun music, and can recommend a variety of choices. 



do you film destination weddings?

The main areas we serve are Maryland, Virginia, DC and Pennsylvania, but for any couple willing to cover our travel costs, we are happy to follow you anywhere your wedding takes you!


What type of equipment do you use?

We want to capture genuine moments, so our goal is to be as discreet as possible throughout your entire wedding day. We use professional grade audio equipment and high-definition cameras that are small and unobtrusive, and while we bring additional equipment to add to the production value, we do not use any large lights or complicated setups. Many of our couples tell us afterwards that they can’t believe all the footage we got because they don’t remember seeing us at all! 


Will you coordinate with my photographer?

Absolutely! We have a team effort mentality, and believe that all of your wedding vendors should work together to make your wedding the best it can be. We will connect with your photographer, DJ and venue contact to confirm all of the details, especially if we haven't worked with them before. We've developed excellent relationships with many of the vendors we've worked with in the past, and have received referalls from several photographers.


Why do other wedding packages cost so much?

The answer is quite simple, actually - they overcharge. Some videographers feel it necessary to bring out overly complicated equipment and pass the cost on to you (chances are, when you’re picturing your perfect day, it doesn’t include huge cameras, wires, cables and bright lights on stands). My philosophy is knowing how to capture the moment, without being noticed. After all, the attention should all be on you. Keeping a low profile is accomplished by using modern, DSLR-like cameras that shoot in full high-definition.​ 

why is a wedding video a good investment?

We know some couples aren't sure whether to hire a wedding videoographer. You probably have a vision of cheesy, long, outdated videos in your head, and we don't blame you! Traditional wedding videos have given people a negative perception of them as a whole. But our videos are different - they are fresh and modern, and will capture memories that you'll be able to look back on forever. Your wedding photographer will undoubtedly take amazing photos that you'll cherish, but a live-action video will allow your friends and family to relive your special day again and again in a unique and engaging way.


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