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If you're checking out this site, you're probably recently engaged. Congratulations! And thank you for considering ThisDayFWD.


I've always had a passion for film, and graduated from Towson University with a degree in Electronic Film and Media. After being asked to shoot several weddings and major life events for friends and family over the years, I decided to start my own business. Every couple has a unique story to tell, and I love that I get to help them share it. 


I describe my style as "cinematic," and my goal is to shoot as discreetly as possible, without any large or obtrusive equipment. This allows me to capture the most candid moments while you and your guests experience your special day. 


My philosophy is simple - I want you and your family to be able to watch your wedding video years from now and remember all those small moments that made it so special.


- Brad

 what makes us different? 




A fresh take on the traditional wedding video 


We want you to enjoy your wedding memories with friends and family for years to come. Weddeos are shorter in length than the traditional wedding video, which makes sharing them easy and fun. 

Your love story is one of a kind - let's have fun sharing it! 


Our goal is to capture your most special moments and present them in a personal, heartfelt way. Our weddeos are fun and upbeat, and capture our couples having a blast

on their special day. 



share every moment, quickly and easiily 


Let's face it: as much as your friends and family love you, no one wants to sit down and watch a 90-minute wedding video. Our weddeos allow them to watch a compilation of your wedding instantly, and see all the best moments. 

 behind the lens   

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